Products and Services



Can I substitute products in a box?

Yes of course you can, give us a call on 092775917 or email us at orders@rococogifts.co.nz

Can I customise my choices?

Yes contact us at orders@rococogifts.co.nz and we will work through your needs to get that gift that meets your requirements.

Can I order an item or multiple items to multiple addresses?

Yes download our order form here……………..

Complete the form and email it back to us  OR

contact us by email orders@rococogifts.co.nz and send us your list or spread sheet of names and addresses along with your card wording and we can take care of all the details for you.

Can I select a specific delivery date?

Yes you can and you can also book orders in an advance up to a year so plan your gift giving in one go and take the pressure off.  We will take care of your orders and get them delivered on time we will also let you know that we have dispatched them so that you can be reassured that your gift will arrive on time. 

Where can I enter my gift card message?

Your message can be entered at the checkout, there is a designated box.  We write your message on a small card and attach it to your gift.

Are your food products perishable?

All of our food products will have at least a months use by date with the exception of cakes, cupcakes, scones and muffins.  These items are Auckland only to ensure freshness when received.  Some items like chocolate can be heat sensitive and we take care to minimize any risk.  Your products will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy

Business Customers

Do you have options that may not be shown in this website?

Yes we do.  As we are a producer of a considerable range of products we have complete flexibility to create options that suit your needs.  Your business is import to us and we always welcome enquiries and the opportunity to discuss any requirements you may have.  Email us at orders@rococogifts.co.nz or phone us 09 2775917

Do you have special pricing for business customers?

Yes we do, pricing will be relevant to the size of orders and the items included in the order and will be discussed on an as arising basis, please contact us by email at orders@rococogifts.co.nz or phone us 09 2775917

Do you wholesale any of your products?

Yes we sell wholesale to resellers of some of our products, we welcome enquiries to orders@rococogifts.co.nz

Can you ship multiple gifts to multiple addresses?

Yes we are very experienced at this kind of multiple shipment of gifts and have been shipping in this way for more than 30 years.  Contact us by email

Can you make us samples of something different for an event or a giveaway gift?

Yes this is a speciality of ours as we can find packaging or make a product that creates something unique for your giveaway or your event.  Contact us by email orders@rococogifts.co.nz or phone us 092775917

General Questions:

If you have a query on product, ordering, delivery or payment or anything else please email us at orders@rococogifts.co.nz and we will get back to you promptly.